McDonald’s Hello Kitty Carrier AR Campaign Success

Augmented Reality Success for McDonald’s

McDonald’s came to us to build a fun and engaging way to promote their Hello Kitty Carriers that allowed customers to carry their fries and drinks in a sustainable, yet adorable way.

Singapore would be the first country to launch these collector carriers. ???

picture of a hello kitty carrier with mcdonalds drink and fries inside

Using the iconic Hello Kitty
branding assets DUDE built an Instagram Filter that triggered the bow to move when opening the mouth. 

It was uploaded to McDonald’s Instagram account and shared across owned media channels.

The Results?

The Hello Kitty carriers SOLD OUT within 48 hours.

Analytics from these 48 hours:

Impressions – 84K
Captures – 6,113
Shares – 709

The happy client decided not to promote the AR effect after they sold out. Hence, there is no link to share with you to try.

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