With the DUDE, you’ll optimise your social conversation in Instagram and Facebook to unleash the creativity, delight, and growth for your social audience. Don’t let your competitors steal the audience attention, do it the DUDE way.  

Our founder, Eugene Soh is a creative technologist pioneering the world of mixed realities, in fact, he’s proudly launched the world’s second Instagram Custom Filter. DUDE Pte. Ltd. is our creative tech studio focusing on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) working with Fortune 500 companies, cool brands and awesome people to provide new digital experiences for millions across the globe. 

And there’s room for you.

What makes DUDE different? 

Most AR studios simply make cool designs, maybe help you track your vanity metrics for you to understand how many eyeballs have seen your effects. But DUDE works with your communications plans and marketing teams to create a strategy for success.

Sales from Augmented Reality?

Yes. Our team has successfully tracked sales directly from AR filters on Facebook’s digital products.  

Before your project, DUDE helps you start brainstorming ideas with best use cases in the industry, using your analytics to understand your users behaviour and plan out your project timeline. Our team helps you create a personalised marketing plan to share with your boss and help you become the expert in rolling out an effective AR campaign.

During the project, your team is on-boarded and we communicate via WhatsApp so you can see our daily updates on your project, check-in without having us clog up your inbox.   

After launch, DUDE will give you reminders on steps to keep your audience engaged and send you analytics updates weekly. The goal is full-team immersion and implementation to make your campaign as successful as it can be.

Got Big Plans?

We can help you map out an AR marketing strategy to make them real. 

Book a consulting session for the support you need.