Inside the Augmented Reality Campaign on Facebook for Launch of Love Bonito at Funan

Love Bonito Augmented Reality Fashion Runway

Love Bonito, a female clothing retailer launched its third retail location at Funan Mall in Singapore. Always building a community for women, Love Bonito came to DUDE to help make Instagrammable moments in the retail shop.

DUDE designed a custom flowers AR Walkway for Love Bonito on 2D planes that were programmed into Spark AR to be launched on Facebook, as Instagram image recognition technology was not available at this time.


The Facebook AR effect was activated from a QR code that was presented on signage in-store where shoppers were directed to point their device at a removable sticker on the floor.

This allows for easy removal while cutting down costs for a permanent physical installation which is also an environmentally conscious choice for this forward thinking company.

QR Scan Code


Open Facebook AR Effect

Point Camera at Sticker

The Results?

The AR runway allowed customers to strut their stuff on a runway filled with flowers. Earned media with influencers and Singaporean websites contributed to the success of the launch campaign. 

Even after initial launch, we can still see customers enjoying the in-store augmented reality runway.

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