The DUDE Team

With just 4 employees, DUDE has developed and marketed some of the top Instagram & Facebook AR experiences on the platforms. We tinker, experiment & try things no one else will on our own accounts and own budgets, so we know what’s hopeful or has a lot of hype.  

Meet the team that’s making ideas turn reality.



Eugene Soh is a creative technologist pioneering the world of mixed realities. As the the founder of Dude (dude.sg), a creative tech studio focusing on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) he’s proudly launched the world’s second Instagram Custom Filter. He continues to work with Fortune 500 companies to provide new digital experiences for millions across the globe.

With empathy at the heart of his social enterprise in Singapore, Mind Palace uses customised VR technology to immerse dementia patients in places familiar to them such as their old homes or neighbourhoods. By incorporating family members in the VR scenes of the patients, it helps them to remember their loved ones, and also relieves their social isolation and expands their physical boundaries.



Shao Yun discovered his passion for the arts a little too late, halfway through his Computer Science degree.

Fortunately, joining Dude Studios has allowed him to pursue his love for art and technology. He currently develops games using a combination of Unity, Kinect sensors and VR headsets.

He’s got a pretty wicked Instagram Story game with comics, doodles and a chronicle of the colour orange that will make you walking to the nearest juice machine. 



Casie’s the head of the business here at DUDE. She works day and night to make sure our technology is constantly the most results driven in the industry. She’s been on Facebook’s iD8 conference stage and many more stages around the glove sharing about VR, AR and where we are headed in the digital landscape. She is the VRARA Singapore Chapter President and a founding member of the Women in Immersive Tech CoP.

Prior to joining DUDE, she was the founding director of an award nominated digital marketing agency



Sascha grew up as a special effects, computer graphics nerd in Germany during the 80s and 90s to eventually studying computer science. After graduating from a film school in Berlin, he went on to work on a couple of domestic live action shows before moving to Soho’s visual effects industry in London. In his time in Singapore via Sydney, he worked on dozens of international theatrical releases. 

Sascha’s interests in new technologies span a diverse range of mediums, here at DUDE we are lucky to have him dive deeper into the possibilities of AR.

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